Our Company is a security company with focus on building the premier ownership position in the system.
The company business model is to own and bare-boat charter vessels for operation in the U.S. Jones Act market through its wholly owned subsidiary leasing companies. The corporate structure of Our Company, through its operating subsidiaries in the United Kingdom,African, Europe  is in conformance with the applicable requirements of the Jones Act. All of its vessels are fully qualified to participate in the domestic maritime trades of the United States.
Alpha 7 security Company‘s principal competitive advantage is obtained through its exclusive relationship with many shipping companies.
The company’s secondary competitive advantage is to have the newest and most modern vessels on the market before any other new tonnage becomes available, providing Our Shipping Company with a significant “first to market” advantage in the petroleum product,Precious Mineral and other valuable items transportation market.
Alpha 7 security Company is headquartered in Ghana with branches in the United Kingdom,Africa  and United States of America.


The business activities of Alpha 7 Security Company are built upon its six core values:
HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) mindset – We take personal responsibility for HSE because we care. Delivering Results – We deliver consistently and strive to beat our goals.
Customer drive – Building customer trust is key to our business People and team – All our major achievements are team efforts. Hands-on management – We know our business and get things done Open and Direct Dialogue – We encourage early and honest communication…

Alpha 7 Security

The Company has benefited from continuity of the same management since inception. This reflects the stability of the company. The Company keeps abreast of prevailing crime trends, and is thus very able to advise our clients on security.

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