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Road Rescue

As a Crossover Security client, you will receive this service free of charge, and is available throughout many cities and its environs, within our parameters of operation. Below are some of the ways you may benefit from this value-added service: call us on your mobile phone. (Don’t forget to put our emergency number on the speed dial of your mobile.
If your car breaks down, we will send a vehicle to your location and call a garage of your choice.
If you have an accident and you require help, we will have a vehicle with you in minutes. We will also call the police and/or breakdown services if necessary.
If you have a puncture day or night and you need help and protection, we will offer you personal security.nbsp;
If you require an ambulance, we shall have an ambulance respond to your call, whether at home, in the office, in your vehicle, or simply walking your dog.