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High Value Cargo Security

Our security’s team of professionals is able to provide a plan to mitigate the risks associated with the transport and storage of High-Value Cargo (HVC). High-Value Cargo (HVC) is any cargo considered to have a significant value. High-Value Cargo includes artwork, pharmaceuticals, election ballots, diplomatic bags, etc and is a commercial shipment moving via trucks, planes, rail cars, ships, etc., from point of origin to final destination. If merchandise is stolen at any point in this process—highway, truck stop, storage facility, warehouse, terminal, wharf, etc.—then it is considered High-Value Cargo (HVC) theft. According to the FBI, industry experts estimate cargo theft as a whole produces approximately $30 billion in losses each year. In the event of a loss, Our security’s team is able to respond quickly and provide investigative services to identify culprits and aid in the recovery of the assets. Our security’s mitigation plan provides a comprehensive full-spectrum approach to security, tracking, and storage. Our experts in the field of security and transport will customize a plan specific to the client’s situation and requirements.